Social impact of the international judicial system for the Hague and beyond

What is the importance of the international judicial institutions to the Hague and the world? Are organizations working on justice-related policy-making initiatives helping or hindering the development of a global legal order?

On the second of February, 2021, this panel debated the impact of international courts in the Hague and the relevance of justice policy initiatives. The discussions were based on a new book by Maurits Barendrecht (HiiL) “Het Papieren Paleis” and a quantitative analysis of the economic impact of the Peace Palace by Decisio, an economic research consultancy.


Erik de Baedts – Director Peace Palace
Cees van Ommeren – Partner at Decisio BV
Willem van Nieuwkerk – Director Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC)
Maurits Barendrecht – Professor, Research Director, HIIL
Wim Jansen – Director International Affairs at Municipality of the Hague

You can watch the full debate below:

This session was part of the Peace and Justice Reception 2021 organized by the Hague Humanity Hub and the City of the Hague on 1 February. You can read about the rest of the Peace & Justice Reception programme here:

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