Four weeks of free support to a Digital Innovative Initiative

Diderik van Wingerden is one of The Spindle‘s swarm members, who keeps us sharp and reflects on our work. Recently, he was our expert that led the Future Session ‘Open Innovation & Open Design’. He is also a Humanity Hub member.

Diderik has a proven track record working as Technical Project Manager and Digital and Open Innovation Consultant, mostly in The Netherlands and to a lesser extent abroad. His background lies in Computer Science, Business Economics and Lean Innovation. Currently, he’s redirecting his work towards ‘social innovation’, especially aimed at addressing global problems related to food, water, energy, housing, healthcare and digital infrastructure. Believing that his experience and network can be of value, he also understands that there is much more to learn within this field of work. Therefore, he offers his skills and time (4 weeks!) to contribute to an innovative initiative – “in any way that we together find it to be valuable”.

Get in touch with Diderik by e-mail: diderik@think-innovation.com or phone: +31(0)6-21639148.

For more information is on his website.