Book release – Hague Girls Part One: Fleeing

A non-fiction must read for human rights enthusiasts or simply for those who enjoy a good read. Hague Girls Part One: Fleeing presents an unique insight into the culture and politics of a country where nothing is what it seems.

Hague Girls is a book about courage and perseverance. It contains all the ingredients of a thriller: the intrigue, the machinations and manipulations of the media and government, the interplay of family and societal relations and the persistent struggle of one woman to challenge all of these factors.

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About the author

A visionary, conceiver, creator, convener and an advocate, Ewurabena is the Founder and Director of an influential human rights and international justice organisation. She is a lawyer with practical and academic legal experience in Africa, Europe and North America.

She is the creator of the Hague Girls series, telling untold stories of gender-based violence and intersectional discrimination in a globalised world.

The stories are based on her experiences, observation of incidents, and recollection of events in her three decades of work as a human rights and international justice lawyer. The first in the series is her story, Hague Girls Part One: Fleeing.