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The Hague Humanity Hub brings the Peace & Justice community together! And we can’t do that without the work of our team. Check out the vacancies here for full and part-time positions.

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Humanity Hub Internships

Are you looking to gain practical experience with real responsibilities at a mission-driven non-profit at the heart of The Hague’s peace & justice community? Are you a motivated, multi-talented student who is well organised, gets things done and knows how to communicate effectively? Are you interested in actively helping us grow and engage our community of professionals striving for a peaceful and just world?

If this sounds like you, join our international and dynamic team! Next to supporting our team, you will help the development of a diverse community and help members make valuable connections, be creative by developing and implementing new projects, and work closely with and support the rest of our lovely team in other areas where needed. This internship gives you the chance to gain practical experience, network with leading professionals in the sector, and help map your next career moves!

Internships with the Humanity Hub are for 6 months and usually kick off in spring (from late February/early March to August) and autumn (from late August to February). You must be enrolled in a university/higher education programme for the entire duration of the internship. Please note that we unfortunately can’t offer a shorter internship outside the full indicated period.

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Explore more about the individual roles below and find your best match:

As an intern at the Hub, I had the opportunity to take the lead on various tasks and projects, which significantly enhanced my communication skills, honing my ability to effectively convey information and engage with diverse audiences. The Hub engages with a wide variety of actors, which has helped me develop a sense of the wider peace and justice community in The Hague while working in a fun and engaging environment.”

One of the most rewarding things about this internship is the opportunity to meet incredibly interesting people and learn about their work and passions. It gives you insights into the work of NGOs, International organizations and businesses working for a more peace and just world and it drives me to go and do the same. “

The Hague Humanity Hub is an ideal place to build connections with various actors in the Peace & Justice community, while working with a friendly and supportive international team.”

I think the Hub is a great place to figure out where your exact interests lie. When I applied here I knew that I wanted to work somewhere in the field of Peace and Justice but I didn’t exactly know what all of the organisations did. Now, I have such a clear image of what all of the individual organisations that the Hub partners with do and this gives me a better insight in where and how I see myself working in the future!”

Volunteering at The Hague Humanity Hub

Are you looking for an interesting volunteering opportunity? The Hague Humanity Hub regularly utilises volunteers for event support, report writing, and much more! Check out our open calls for volunteers on the Volunteer The Hague website, or reach out via