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THUAS: Mediation Awareness Week: Develop Your Everyday Mediation Skills

17 April @ 8:00 am 21 April @ 5:00 pm

Mediation awareness week introduces you to the art and science of mediation – a form of dispute resolution in which a neutral third person (a mediator) helps parties solve their disputes on their own. While there is a common misconception of mediation being solely a legal tool for lawyers, here is why in fact mediation is for all of us:

Mediation has been used for centuries as a societal tool to help people live together peacefully and constructively. Mediation skills, in turn, are transferable skills that can help all of us build better relationships, be it in our local neighborhoods, among our informal networks (family and friends), and in our workplaces. 

In various workshops you will learn everyday professional mediation skills such as:

  • Actively listening and communicating for your voice to be heard
  • The art of networking
  • Managing and learning from your emotions
  • Combining different perspectives to common problems
  • Finding your unique mediation style

This week of events will offer an opportunity to practice these skills in different contexts, increasing the awareness and practical understanding of mediation. Everyone from both inside and outside of THUAS is welcome to attend, with students receiving priority.

More information about Mediation Awareness Week and what is offered can be found below.