Want to get inside tips on working in Peace & Justice? Join the new event series The Handshake, to hear from experienced practitioners! 

By Hannah Terry

The Peace & Justice Talent Hub is the best place to find the latest news, job listings, and events about purpose-driven careers in The Hague. Breaking into a career in the world of peace & justice can seem overwhelming. With over 120 member organisations in the field of peace and justice, The Hague Humanity Hub is uniquely situated to aid in the development of talent, and to help make the career journey less intimidating.  

To this end, The Hague Humanity Hub has developed an event series called “The Handshake.” This series aims to attract and retain talent in The Hague by offering students and young professionals a chance to hear from seasoned practitioners in the peace and justice sector.  

Unlocking the Power of Personal Stories 

“The Handshake” provides a unique opportunity for participants to hear the personal stories of practitioners in peace and justice, and answer questions you’ve always wanted to ask but not been sure where to begin. By sharing their journeys, these experienced professionals not only inspire but also provide a realistic perspective on the challenges and triumphs they have faced during their careers. This personal connection enables young professionals and students to gain a deeper understanding of the field and develop a more realistic expectation of what it takes to enter the peace and justice sector. 

Guidance and practical advice  

Students and young professionals often face doubts and insecurities when considering a career path. “The Handshake” offers an intimate setting to hear from seasoned practitioners and ask questions they have never had the chance to ask. Whether it’s seeking guidance on career choices, understanding more about specific fields, or discovering the essential skills needed, participants can tap into the knowledge and experience of the highlighted professional. These conversations are designed to offer practical advice on how to pursue a purpose-driven career in peace and justice. 

Working in the field of peace and justice may seem inaccessible to some individuals, who may lack information or connections. The Handshake event series aims to bridge the gap between ambition and opportunity. The Hague Humanity Hub believes that anyone with the passion and dedication to contribute to a more peaceful and just world should have a chance to do so and seeks to create a more equitable space for talent development. As The Hague continues to position itself as a global centre for careers in peace and justice, initiatives like The Handshake contribute significantly to making The Hague a purposeful destination for young talent seeking to make a positive impact in the world. 

Photo by Rafael Ishkhanyan on Unsplash