Working with scrum to increase impact

The Hague Humanity Hub and Loes On Fire warmly invite you to the Masterclass on working with scrum to increase impact.

Loes is a scrummaster who founded Loes On Fire and beliefs that this Agile working method to organise projects is very helpful for organisations in the peace, justice and humanitarian sector, as well as for projects outside of IT. Trained as a scrummaster during her career at the municipality, Loes has a background in international development studies and experience with humanitarian projects during her time at the Netherlands Red Cross. On May 24 at The Hague Humanity Hub, Loes will lead an interactive workshop in which she describes the basic principles of Agile and the framework of scrum, after which participants will get to experience the framework themselves by working on a project (fictive, or brought in by one of the participants) during the class.

This workshop is designed for professionals, social entrepreneurs, startups, as well as students active or interested in the field of project management.

For more information, and to register, see the event page

You can also find out more about Loes and the benefits of scrum on her website