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The Essence and Effects of Ethical Communication and Fundraising

23 April, 2021 @ 10:00 am 11:30 am

Value-driven Engagement and Fundraising

On Friday April 23rd, from 10.00-11.30 a.m., the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication (HuCom) and Fundraising & Strategy International (efesai) will share their academic and practical knowledge. They will talk you through the most recent studies and insights and tell you about:

  • The importance of ethical humanitarian communication – Wouter Oomen (PhD candidate at Utrecht University and co-director of HuCom)
  • Storytelling for Social Change & Prosocial Crowdfunding –  Asma Naimi (PhD candidate at Esade Institute for Social Innovation & Senior Associate of efesai)

For many NGOs and other social organizations, fundraising is tantamount to raising as much money as possible and connecting as many donors as possible. But what is the impact of this on the mission of the organization? And what is the effect of the role assigned to the donor, the target group and, ultimately, the objective in communication and fundraising?

If we would include the objectives of the organization for fundraising and communication, this could lead to change being desirable. However, it is often mistakenly thought that this can jeopardize the results.

During this one and a half hour seminar we will discuss the importance, effects and possibilities of ethical communication and impact-oriented fundraising. We also provide insight into what it takes to scrutinize the communication of your organization and to provide your organization with a healthy impact-oriented fundraising mix.


  • As Head of Fundraising, Communication and/or Marketing, are you curious about how you can contribute to the impact of your organization in addition to generating income or creating supporters? Do you know that the work of your department is about so much more than money and numbers? 
  • Are you in the board and management of a mission-driven organization and do you want to know what it takes to grow your organization towards greater impact, but are you also responsible for a healthy “company”? 
  • Are you curious about what it means to also focus your fundraising and communication on the broader impact of your mission-driven organization?  

Practical information 

Format: online knowledge seminar 

Date: April 23, 2021 

Time: 10.00 am – 11.30 am 

Participation: free of charge 

This seminar marks the start of a collaboration between Fundraising & Strategy International (efesai) and the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication (HuCom), two organizations that focus on the importance of (change in) communication and fundraising among NGOs and other civil society organizations. The seminar also marks the launch of HuCom, which has recently been given a new board and management.