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P2P Facilitation: Activating different types of participants

6 July, 2021 @ 14:00 15:30

Lea Scheurer, from EUKN, will be hosting the upcoming session, on ‘Activating different types of participants‘.

Online meetings have become the ‘new normal’. Even though they might not be as exciting as on-site ones, they are surely one: more accessible, allowing, in principle, a bigger and more diverse audience to participate. But some things remain the same: people differ; some are more outgoing while others prefer remaining in the background. Successful (meeting) facilitation requires acknowledging the diversity of audiences, but also making sure to activate participants in an inclusive way.

The session will revolve around these guiding questions, based on which a meaningful exchange can be built:

  • What are your experiences regarding the participation/activation of different types of participants? What are the approaches and ‘tricks’ that have worked well in this regard?
  • In what way has online conferencing affected all this?

Please drop a line to programming@humanityhub.net if you want to join!

Note: This event is for Hub members only.