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Communication Coffee

27 January, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

Communications Coffee

Connect with and learn from your peers who are working on communication activities in the Humanity Hub Community. Join our regular video meetings as we delve into focused topics, share our expertise, and learn together monthly.


At the Humanity Hub, we strive to provide an environment to help facilitate interaction and exchange of knowledge amongst the diverse actors in our community. We, therefore, want to support the emergence of peer groups to connect with other professionals on given themes or activities.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our work has been affected in some way or another. Among these, communication activities had to shift significantly to accommodate the ‘new normal’. Community members working on comms have suggested the importance of sharing their experiences and learning from others to address the challenges that have arisen in the last year.


The Communication Coffee will take place on a monthly basis and each session will be hosted by a different member. We alternate between a dedicated topic, often led by one of your peers, and a more open format, wherein participants bring the challenges, questions, or even current events for dialogue with one another. The format decided by owner of that month’s session and the structure can be but is not limited to:

o Informal chat

o Internal/external speaker

o Any other format deemed useful

A dedicated Slack channel will be created to facilitate communication.


· Connect with professionals working in similar roles

· Act as a sounding board for ideas; a safe space to get feedback on projects

· Share expertise and experience

· Compare notes on how to communicate given the current pandemic

· Share best practices and contacts with local media and suppliers

· Learn more about projects and communication campaigns from diverse sectors