What role should the private sector play in peace and justice: Recap of our peace&justice café

On Thursday 14 April, professionals from The Hague’s public, private, and non-profit sectors came together in a hybrid event to highlight the role the private sector can, should, and does play in driving a more peaceful and just world.   Photo…

Korea Future: North Korean Prison Database – April 2022 Launch 

A new resource for human rights activists and accountability researchers has been launched at the Humanity Hub. The North Korean Prison Database provides a first-time look at the details of nearly 600 perpetrators linked to more than 5000 human…
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Idyll Consultancy

Idyll Consultancy provides non-profits and companies with advocacy, research, monitoring and reporting support as well as organisational development and resource management consultancy in their human rights, peace and democracy building and…
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Brokering Solidarity

Brokering Solidarity - Netherlands is a consultancy firm focussing on i) providing advice on sustainability and climate programmes for companies and NGO's; ii) NGO fundraising and partnerships strategies, and iii) climate innovation project…
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Wavemakers United

Wavemakers United is a community of students, young professionals, and athletes with a passion for water. As a youth organization we focus on local challenges while having a global reach with the aim to contribute to the UN2030 SDGs and involve…
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Blue Sky Analytics

Blue Sky Analytics is a Climate-Tech Startup using satellite data, AI and cloud computing to build a comprehensive global catalogue of high-frequency and high-resolution environmental & climate intelligence targeted at carbon markets, climate…


Discovering new cycle models for the circular economy. Supporting the worldwide Bicycle Mayor Network.
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At Polycentric we firmly believe that only an inclusive transition will lead to a true sustainable society. Our team is specialised in stakeholder engagement and communication management for complex energy transition issues. We support organizations…

The Sunrise Project

Founded in Australia in 2012, The Sunrise Project is a global network of changemakers who believe in the power of social movements to change the world. We’re passionate about building networks who can drive the transition from fossil fuels…
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Climate Legal Consulting

Climate Legal Consulting provides legal advice and consultancy in the field of climate law and policy based on international standards of human rights and sustainable development.


Greener is the first social app for climate action.

Environment Europe

Environment Europe is a think tank, a research centre and a non-governmental institution based in the Hague, the Netherlands and Oxford, UK. We are conducting research in macroeconomic sustainability, sustainable cities, renewable energy, ecosystems…