Cultural Emergency Response

Cultural Emergency Response (CER) is a global organisation providing first aid to cultural heritage threatened or damaged by conflict or disaster, always doing so in direct cooperation with local actors in the affected communities.
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Human Rights in the Picture

Human Rights in the Picture is a non-profit organisation that advocates for human rights through visual storytelling. The organisation shines a light on human rights violations, injustices and inequalities through film, music, photography and…


REVEAL Films is a new Benelux Film Distribution company specialising in releasing social impact films. Our catalogue focuses on the environmental, social and political issues of yesterday, today and tomorrow. For each film, we create unique…

ART WORKS Projects

ART WORKS Projects leverages the power of photography and documentary film to raise awareness and educate the public about some of the most pervasive and grave human rights violations. Working collaboratively with a broad range of stakeholders…


WaterBear is a free interactive multimedia platform that allows you to watch inspirational and award-winning content, interact with hundreds of nonprofits, and take action instantly to improve our future on this planet.