The Data Science Initiative answer the question, just how powerful is technology for good?

The ‘Hackathon for Good’ (17th and 18th of November, at the Hague Tech) was a two-day interactive showcase of the power of IT and technology, particularly exemplifying the impact that technology can have for peace, justice and humanitarian action.

The event was a huge success. There were 27 teams consisting of more than 125 tech wizards, hailing from over 22 different nationalities across the globe; every one of them motivated to challenge themselves, and make a meaningful difference for peace, justice and security. They worked tirelessly over the weekend to try and find innovative data solutions for problems ranging from humanitarian disasters, to fake news. Each of the challenges were set by some of the biggest organisations in data and crisis management, including the Red Cross, NATO’s communication and information agency, NCIA, and the International Criminal Court.

This was the first open event coordinated by the Data Science Initiative, an organisation made up of tech experts from institutions all over The Hague. The DSI aims to innovate the way in which we use big data and artificial intelligence, using the power of technology to promote and uphold peace, justice and security on a global scale.

This event demonstrated how impactful this innovative way of using data is, exceeding even the DSI’s expectations. The winners, Monkey Code were able to use data from satellites and social media to not only identify areas susceptible to land grabbing, but come up with a solution that could be utilised by end users.


The Humanity Hub’s member Rutger Hoftse, from the World Resource Institute and part of the team PWC2, won the challenge set by the Red Cross and came third in the competition overall. They were able to innovate solutions to help with disaster relief efforts, using data to map vulnerable areas and improve the efficiency of response teams. For the Red Cross, this solution could help them save more lives in areas affected by natural disasters and conflicts. Rutger’s team efforts landed them a cash prize of €2500. Speaking of the day, Rutger was quick to compliment the Hackathon; “the Hackathon was extremely well organised and my team was wonderful. We had complimentary skill sets!”

Here at the Humanity Hub we have been incredibly impressed with this event and the work DSI are doing. We can’t wait to see what they do in the future and help collaborate more successful projects!

Rutger himself will also be the first subject of our new Humans of the Hub blog page, keep an eye out for our postings!



1 billion new justice problems arise worldwide every year
More than 60% of them are not resolved

30% of the people don’t feel empowered enough to take action

Innovation is needed, on scale!

Join us at the 9th Innovating Justice Forum 2019 – the only event in the world that brings together innovators, leaders of the justice sector, judges, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs on making justice more user-friendly.

At the Forum you will see how innovation is possible.

This year the Forum will focus on the theme: “From Justice Innovation to Scale”. How do we get data, innovation, and funding  together in a real transition that produces user friendly justice at scale?  

Innovating Justice Forum: Working Sessions

The 5th of February is hosted together with the Hague Humanity Hub. It will be a series of parallel working sessions hosted by (partner) organisations. They will give you the possibility to interact, work, learn and network in a smaller setting, in discovering how can scale (justice) innovations to reach SDG16.3.

Innovating Justice Forum

The 6th of February will be at the Peace Palace. The focus here will be on showcasing amazing innovators, keynote speakers and high-level panels of Justice Leaders.

For more information, tickets,  and updates on the program:

Call for applications: The Hague Humanity Hub Live Innovation Showcase

1st Live Showcase Event is January 17th

We are delighted to announce the first edition of The Hague Humanity Hub Live Innovation Showcase.

There are so many exciting things happening in the peace, justice, and humanitarian ecosystems that deserve to be shared. We believe that sharing is an important step to increase the potential impact these innovations can achieve. So we are offering the Humanity Hub stage as a platform to share and connect.

We were inspired by the stories that our members have been sharing at a few of our own events over the past months. By sharing innovations in a quick pitch format, people were able to learn about potential resources, partnerships and knowledge that they have access to. So we decided to create a live showcase to allow innovations to be shared both within the Hub membership and the broader peace and justice community.



How to participate?

If you want to increase your impact in Peace, Justice and Humanitarian Action, share your innovation and find potential collaborations, join the showcase.

Are you interested in pitching your own innovation?
Please register at this link.

Do you just want to participate as a guest?
Register on this eventbrite ticket page.

On Friday, December 14th, more than 100 thinkers and makers will assemble for a full-day of ideation and co-creation during which they will formulate questions and prototype potential solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

The Hague Hacks is a sustainable multidisciplinary platform for the research and development of tech solutions to humanitarian challenges. Our initiative hopes to stimulate new partnerships and opportunities on a long-term basis, promoting the development and use of current and emerging technologies for the propagation of peace and justice.

Registration and tickets available here:

DCHI offers a course Humanitarian Innovation to all professionals in the humanitarian and development sector. In collaboration with Impact City and the municipality of The Hague, DCHI wants to bring Innovation back to basics and enable participants to get an understanding of innovation, its methods and processes and how the application of technological innovations such as serious gaming of the use of big data.

The course is divided in five modules starting with the basics of innovation and examples of application, and also sharing with you what it takes to innovate in the humanitarian / developmental context and what it can mean for an organisation.

The course is valued at €2500,- but offered to participants for free.

More information and registration here.