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Bijay Dhungana, Making Better Life Chances Through Access to Basic Education with Windle 

How can we fight poverty and inequality by increasing access to and improving the quality of online education for communities affected by conflict or discrimination? If you want to find an answer to this question, listen to this week's Humans…

Alex Haas, Building Stronger Local Communities with Haagse Helpers

By Sarah Bumberger Today's episode is all about local impact: Alex Haas, founder of Haagse Helpers, talks about how to improve the lives of people with little or no social network through volunteering here in The Hague: MEET ALEX  Why…

Matt Barnaby, Tackling Messy Problems with ImpactBasis

By Sarah Bumberger On this edition of Humans of The Hub: Matt Barnaby, Director of ImpactBasis. He talks about how to get things done, and to help people to connect and collaborate to challenge the issues in both their work and personal…

Michèle Moorlag-Salcido: Supporting Humanitarians in Hostile Environments with Global Risk Advice

By Sarah Bumberger In this episode with Michèle, we talk about how to equip NGOs and non-profit organisations working in challenging conditions and volatile environments with accessible risk management tools and training: MEET MICHÈLE  "When…

Mark Worth, Fighting for Rights and Transparency with the European Centre for Whistleblower Rights and Whistleblowing International

By Sarah Bumberger This is the first of our renewed Humans of the Hub series! The show that sheds light on members of The Hague Humanity Hub, their work and their organisations. For our first episode, we invited a very special guest: Mark…

Kirsten Mildren, Head of Public Advocacy and Campaigns at UNOCHA

MEET KIRSTEN! 2020 was a year unlike any other, and its transformational tentacles reach well into this new year. Ongoing humanitarian crises and climate change merged with the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to wreak global havoc. At…

Raphael: Relief Applications & Tech Innovation Coach

Meet Raphael! Raphael initially worked as a plane mechanic. Throughout his evenings he would help homeless people as a volunteer. He worked for the next 15 years responding to natural disasters and population movements. During an emergency…

Marina Antunovic, Director at Mercy Corps Netherlands

She believes that all of us have gone through the same phases of “disbelief, panic, throwing ourselves at everything, and then slowly getting more and more organized, and henceforth finding areas where one can actually focus and do more to support the communities where we work”.

Why I came to The Hague, and why I believe that we need more cities like this in the world.

Chale Guadamuz, Executive Director at The Hague Peace Projects, wrote about his journey to The Hague. The full version of the story is available on Medium.

Livia del Conte, Policy and Project Officer at EUKN

“I really identified objectives I want to pursue with people of the Hub and reflect on ideas, there are so many ways you can be inspired by people working next to you!”