How to conduct Civil Society Reviews on the national progress on SDG16+ (GPPAC)

As part of the Humanity Hub’s second seasonal programming theme, focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will share insights by members of the Humanity Hub community and the Hague Peace & Justice ecosystem. This week, we are spotlighting GPPAC’s publication on how to conduct Civil Society Reviews on the national progress on SDG16+.

In 2015, the international community has come to recognise that there can be no sustainable development without peace and
no peace without sustainable development.

This guidance note is a step-by-step guide for local peacebuilders on why and how to conduct civil society reviews on the national progress towards the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)16+.

The purpose of the document is to serve as a reference for local peacebuilders in the process of creating the civil society review on SDG16+ from beginning to end in designing, drafting, organising, finalising and using the report.

The resource is based on practical experiences of civil society reviews undertaken by local peacebuilders and serves to support local peacebuilders in advancing national action on the bottom-up and people-centered implementation of the SDG16+ through the use of national, regional and global policy spaces.