Business Model Transformation Programme

Social and commercial business models are colliding. Not for profits are becoming more business-like and commercial enterprise is becoming more socially conscious. But are our current business models fit for the future? Do we need to find new ways of matching funding and capital to social impact? What can we do at the enterprise level?

Date: Tuesday 2 October 2018
Venue: Fokker Terminal, The Hague

Join our workshop if you are interested in:

• Testing your current business model
• Meeting and learning how other organisations are tackling their challenges
• Helping codesign a new business model canvas for social impact
• Get inspired by innovation and business model design experts

50 representatives from large and small NGOs, international organizations, social and commercial enterprises, all facing similar questions, joined us for an eye-opening workshop at the Impact Startup Fest.

If you would like to learn more about the event, check out this post on how 1200 impact makers joined forces for a better world.

Organized in partnership with InnoPlot.

Think like a for-profit, act like a non-profit.

Date: Spring 2019
Venue: Humanity Hub, Central The Hague

Whether you work for a for profit or not for profit enterprise, if you want to achieve impact, you may be facing some of these questions:

• Are you concerned about being able to deliver impact next year and beyond?
• Are you having trouble getting sustainable funding/revenues?
• Do you know how to measure your performance/success?
• Is your (social) enterprise future proof?
• Is your business model sustainable?
• Do you think you might need to reinvent your organisation?

Our two-day Business Model Generation & Value Proposition Design Leadership Training is a fully immersive facilitated workshop that focuses on the specific business models of participant’s organizations. Our world class business model certified trainers will teach you the method and engage you in constant strategic prototyping and discussions revolving around your own business models, products and services, or new initiatives.

By brainstorming on the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas, we work with you to achieve the right discussions your team should be having. Our Business Model Generation Leadership Training is ideal in mixing various people from different organizations in an opportunity to learn and talk a new strategic language together and get them talking straight and to the point for the very first time.

This leadership training is a unique learning opportunity to promote a strategic mindset in the non-profit sector. To maximize the learnings you take home for your organization we recommend bringing a colleague to the training. In order to facilitate this, we offer this intensive two day training at half the price of the commercial sector. Based on your organization’s situation, we are allowing you to decide on your ability to pay.

Draft agenda

Day 1 – Learn

  • Introduction to mindset
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Hands on experience with BMC
  • BM language: Relevant case studies
  • BM Mechanics
  • The Value Proposition Canvas
  • Moving from features to customer jobs/pains/gains
  • Hands on experience with VPC
  • Designer Customer Profiles

Day 2 – Design

  • Innovation techniques & Ideation
  • Four Actions Framework: Relevant case study
  • Constraint thinking and challenging the current BM
  • 7 Questions to assess the BM
  • Introduction to testing: Feasibility/ Viability/Desirability
  • The BM Environment
  • Working out BM Economics
  • Building a testing road map
  • Presenting BMs & telling the story

More information/Registration

More information will be released soon.

Next meet-up: Tuesday 13 November 2018

Our bimonthly community meet-ups are facilitated by an expert in innovation and business modelling and are located at the Humanity Hub. They give you the opportunity to interact and share learnings with representatives of organizations facing similar challenges.

The theme of the upcoming November meet-up is ‘Measuring impact’.

Success for a commercial company signifies increasing revenue. But when success is social impact, how do you measure it? Why is it so difficult and how can you influence what you measure?

Join our meet-ups if you are interested in:
• Testing your current business model
• Meeting and learning how other organisations are tackling their challenges
• Helping co-create a community of business model for impact innovators

We will meet at 16:00 (walk-in from 15:45). The event could be followed by drinks at the Hub Cafe.

Register here:

Stay tuned for more information about our online peers4peers platform.
This will be the place to stay in touch with the community, discuss and get support, and find relevant event outputs and tools.

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