Skills & Employability Research Intern

Centre for Innovation is looking for an intern to research trends in Skills & Employability

Contact: Niels van de Ven, Jesse van der Mijl
Project: Employability and Skills Development

Vacancy Description
The Centre for Innovation of Leiden University puts ‘People first in Innovation’. At the Centre, we research and develop innovative propositions that enhance students’ and professionals’ ability to prepare for future jobs. More concretely, we are looking for new and effective solutions that assess a person’s skills, activate their (intrinsically motivated) learning and support and facilitate their skills development.

In recent years, many approaches and (digital) applications have appeared in the realm of skills development and ‘life-long-learning’. We would like your help to conduct market research to develop a complete overview of these initiatives. It is important that when conducting this research you are able to differentiate between what is hype and what is productive innovation.

You will work as a full team member within a team of three, along with another 35, multidisciplinary colleagues at the Centre. This internship will allow you to have the freedom to design your own plan with support and guidance given when you need it. We think this will be a fun and beneficial assignment because you will not only learn about how the job market is changing and how people can prepare, you will also learn how to set up your own personal learning trajectory.

More information and application: