Project Manager

By 2030, 150 million people are able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems. Do you want to join us on our mission?

The position:

  • Develops the project plan; assesses the content with the donor/client and the directors of the different HiiL product groups and presents the project plan for approval by the donor/client
  • Realize the programme or project, within budget, conform project plan and donor contract, in a cost effective and efficient way
  • Organizes the staffing and financial resourcing of the project both in terms of quality and quantity
  • Manages the project team operationally, motivates, inspires, assigns tasks, gives instructions and involves relevant stakeholders
  • Manages the deliverables of the sub grantees and reports accordingly
  • Pro-actively mitigates risks and change requests in order to be administratively compliant
  • Provides timely and quality reporting to management and donors
  • Adjust or expand the budget and related activities when needed
  • Ensures the delivery of knowledge materials
  • Secure coherence with HiiL’s mission, the different Product Groups and between other projects

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