Project Manager

About us 

At Circle Economy, we believe it is time for a new economic approach: the circular economy. Circle Economy is a social enterprise with an international team that supports businesses, cities and policymakers to find practical and scalable solutions to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy. We are growing rapidly both in the Netherlands and around the world through strategic partnerships with governments, cities, and businesses. 

Your role in the Circle Economy team – Summary of the role 

As a project manager you will divide your time between Circle Economy and PACE (Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy) working 1 day a week at the Circle Economy offices in Amsterdam and 4 days a week at PACE at the WRI Europe (World Resources Institute) office, in the Humanity Hub, Hague, Netherlands.

PACE is a public-private collaboration platform and project accelerator that aims to leverage global public-private leadership to accelerate action towards the circular economy. PACE was created and incubated by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. To date PACE has achieved significant outputs across its three delivery pillars of driving projects, leveraging global leadership to drive action, and capture and disseminate learnings for scale, and has formulated ambitions to scale-up.

The Project Manager is responsible for all programmatic, coordination, administrative, oversight, outreach, and accounting matters related to one or more PACE projects, being core and/or affiliate projects. In particular, he/she will liaise with project leads, project partners as well as with key contacts in PACE members as well as non-member organizations pursuing synergetic or complimentary efforts.

In consultation with project partners and PACE staff, the Project Manager oversees the implementation of the PACE work plan as it relates to his/her assigned project(s), manages day-to-day operational aspects, supports the development and/or recruitment of new core respectively associate projects to PACE, and is responsible for tracking project progress and performance and ensuring project compliance with internal and external contract and other requirements.

Furthermore, the Project Manager closely collaborates with the PACE Knowledge Manager and the PACE knowledge partners in ensuring the capturing of learnings from PACE projects with a view of turning them into replicable content for dissemination; and with the PACE Engagement Manager supporting the engagement and recruitment of PACE member as organizations and other key stakeholders for their active participation in or liaison with PACE core and affiliate projects, as well as for the effective dissemination of project learnings.

The Project Manager will lead for one or more PACE workstreams or focus areas, including for core or affiliate projects or project components related to circular jobs and skills.