Young Diplomat Workshop: Strategy and Multi-party Negotiations

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague

As an exclusive opportunity for members of The Hague Humanity Hub, Hans van den Berg, director of The Young Diplomat, is offering a series of three workshops with different themes connected to negotiation: May 6: The basics of negotiationMay 13: The impact of culture and trust in negotiationsMay 27: Strategy and multi-party negotiations Each session […]

Summer School of 2022 – Conflict Resolution: How to Mediate?

Whether it is Ukraine, Israel, Yemen, or Afghanistan, conflict is an undeniable part of the domain of international relations. Although the nature of conflict has changed to include different modes of warfare such as drones and private mercenaries, the main questions surrounding conflict have remained the same, namely ‘why does a conflict occur?’ and ‘what […]