Digitalisation & International Cooperation – Risks and Opportunities

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague

New technologies provide great opportunities for development cooperation: accelerating change, improving results and stimulating innovation. The ICRC gathered a large amount of international development and humanitarian NGO’s in London in December in order to reflect on the consequences of digitalisation. Topics included protecting civilians in the digital age, opportunities for digital transformation & innovation, weaponization […]

Re-imagining Learning – Augmenting Learning in Higher Education

PLNT Leiden

On 25 June 2019, Leiden University’s Centre for Innovation and the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) Centre for Education and Learning will join forces and organise an afternoon to discuss the opportunities and challenges brought about by the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in education and research. Augmenting Learning in Higher Education is meant for professionals coming from science, […]

Humanitarian Innovation Exchange

Glazen Zaal, The Hague

Improving practice, increasing impact. This hands-on event will bring together the humanitarianinnovation community to share experiences, generate new learning and inform our practices. Together, we will examine challenges and successes at different stages of the innovation journey, building on Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Guide and informing its further development. KEY TOPICS: • Responsible Innovation and Participation […]

Data Responsibility Exchange

Glazen Zaal, The Hague

Building systematic, sustainable and responsible public private partnerships. The Data Responsibility Exchange will bring together a group of multidisciplinary experts to have a constructive conversation on how to maximize the value of private – public sector data partnerships while minimizing the possible harms. The focus will be on partnerships around data, expertise and infrastructure in […]