Ukrainian city and civil society delegation visit The Hague Humanity Hub to discuss rebuilding and recovery

As part of a visit to the The Hague and Rotterdam, a Ukrainian delegation visited The Hague Humanity Hub to discuss recovery, reconstruction, and rebuilding for occupied and damaged regions following the Russian invasion one year ago this week.

The delegation consisted of the Mayor of Mykolaiv (Oleksandr Syenkevych), the Deputy Mayor of Mykolaiv (Serhii Koreniev), the Head of Kherson City’s military administration (Halyna Luhova); the Deputy Mayor of Mariupol (Sergiy Orlov), the Chair of the Committee on International Cooperation, Foreign Economic Relations and Investments and member of Volyn Oblast Council (Iuliia Vusenko); and the Executive Director of the Ukrainian NGO National Interests Advocacy Network ‘ANTS’: Yuliya Vusenko.

The Hague Humanity Hub convened a number of representatives of the Peace & Justice ecosystem (including LINKS Europe, Mercy Corps, International Alert; The Asser Institute, Windle Netherlands, The Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation, CILC, Movies That Matter, AWO,, EUKN, AFEW and Clingendael) in The Hague to hold conversations on the rebuilding and recovery of various parts of Ukraine occupied and/or damaged during the Russian invasion, who were updated on the dire humanitarian situation and widescale damage within Eastern Ukraine.

Discussions included looking into ways to create new senses, a new vision, and a new agenda for cities such as Mariupol and Mykolaiv – with a platform ‘Mariupol Reborn’ suggested that could take inspiration from the rebuilding of cities such as Warsaw and Rotterdam in the course of the 20th Century.

The Hague Humanity Hub, and the Peace & Justice community in The Hague have pledged their full support for and wish to engage with the restoration of Ukraine in the future.