Strhive nominated for ‘The Hague Innovators 2022’ challenge for ideas that help achieve the UN’s SDG’s! Voting open from November 1

By Thomas Ansell

Continuous learning start-up and Humanity Hub member organisation Strhive has been nominated for ‘The Hague Innovators 2022’ prize! The winners of the prize gain 20,000 Euros in prize money, with the possibility of another 5,000 Euros public prize (to be decided by a public vote).

Strhive is nominated with their software tool Propel. A software tool to enable organisations to continuously learn from their projects and build on these learnings. Propel aims to solve the problem of institutional memory and learning not having a central point of access (or record), wasting lessons learned from previous projects due to people leaving, or simply not recording their experiences.

As Sarah Abdelatif (Co-founder of Strhive) puts it: “The idea came from our work with development organisations. In our work we see they challenges organisations face with learning first-hand. They have a lot of knowledge and are learning new things during their projects all the time. But they don’t have a systematic way to guide and capture what they learn yet and use it for strategic decision-making. Often, there’s this feeling of reinventing the wheel. For us that was so frustrating to see that so many good intentions, so much money and time is wasted because things are repeated that we wanted to provide the solution. Propel came to life to be that solution.”

Now that Propel is starting to hit the limelight, we asked Sarah how the Humanity Hub community can help boost Strhive further: “By voting for us! We’re also actively looking for potential piloting partners: from NGO’s, to non-profits, foundations; International Organisations, and more.”

For more information about Propel, check out the Strhive website. For more information about The Hague Innovators 2022, check out this video outlining the competitors (previous winners include Hub Member organisation Upinion). You can vote for Strhive through this link until November 14, and the winner will be announced at ImpactFest 2022. To contact Sarah, why not reach out using Slack?