SDG Traineeships 2023: Got a wicked problem? Need a fresh perspective? Sign up as a host organisation until February 13

Translating policy into action, ideas into projects, or indeed the Sustainable Development Goals to initiatives can be a conundrum. Innovation requires diversity, fresh thinking, and new approaches to existing issues. That’s what the SDG Traineeship sets out to help stimulate: new thinking and approaches.

What is the SDG Traineeship?

Set up by both SDG House and TheRockGroup, the SDG Traineeship is a unique way to get some new thinking in your organisation, and to help integrate the UN SDG’s in the world of business or the public sector.

SDG Traineeships connect a group of young professionals and students with host organisations: the trainees then work on an SDG-related project for one day per week, for 15 weeks. The project has to directly benefit the host organisation, which means that you can get tailored help for your organisation and specify the deliverables that will save time, bring new ideas, or open up new opportunities.

The trainees are given regular training sessions and lectures throughout the 15 week period, and receive weekly support from the SDG House.

What does your organisation get out of it?

After 15 weeks, the young professional team will deliver a bespoke piece of consultancy to help address the challenge posed by their host organisation. The host specifies the deliverables, so whether you’re looking for a new sustainability policy, plan for communicating to your stakeholders, or a new working strategy to integrate the SDG’s into your sales plan.

What does an organisation need to do to sign up?

Aside from filling in the application form on the SDG House website, host organisations will need to formulate a concrete SDG-related assignment (using a pre-existing format template). Someone from your organisation will be required to supervise the trainees for around one hour per week, with guidance from the expert team at the SDG House Network.

The projects and deliverables can be in either English or Dutch, and participating host organisations must pay 750 euros to take part.

For more information about the SDG Traineeship, check out the information page on The Hague Humanity Hub website, or the SDG House website.