SDG Action day 2021!

Working together towards a more peaceful and just world

For the annual SDG Action day, the Humanity Hub organised an event on 25th of September that was all about connecting in a fun and informal atmopshere for students and young professionals to actively engage in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event attracted around 40 participants leading to a vibrant and engaging exchange between audience and organizations.

The first speaker, Jeff Handmaker (Associate Professor at the International Institute of Social Studies) spoke about the focus on dwindling opportunities that are available for people to access justice and plans that would establish a Legal Mobilization Centre; the SDG he is tackling and spoke about is SDG 16.

Furthermore, Isi M. the president of UN Youth Impact, spoke together with three colleagues about how they are working on SDG 16 and how they are planning to create a large mural in the city of The Hague.

Lastly, Somaye Dehban talked about SDG 17 by presenting her PhD research.

In this presentation, I talked about the why behind my research. I shared with the audience that I have a dream. I want to live in a world with personal freedom of choice, equality of opportunity and the ability for people to thrive, which is balanced with a responsibility to contribute to the collective good.

Somaye Dehban

After the organisations presented their work and how they tackle SDGs, there was a networking opportunity where the audience and organisations interacted in a more informal setting. This allowed them to better connect and further the discussion about SDGs.

If you want to learn more about the SDG Action Days and what happened across the Netherlands on these days, head to the programme.