Business Model Transformation & Value Proposition Leadership Training

Think like a for-profit, act like a non-profit.

We are planning a 2 day leadership training on business model generation and value proposition design for spring 2019. This training is designed for management staff and leaders of impact-driven organisations and any relevant commercial enterprise. We are still working on the planning, prices, and logistics. In the meantime, please share your interest in participating below.

Whether you work for a for profit or not for profit enterprise, if you want to achieve impact, you may be facing some of these questions:

• Are you concerned about being able to deliver impact next year and beyond?
• Are you having trouble getting sustainable funding/revenues?
• Do you know how to measure your performance/success?
• Is your (social) enterprise future proof?
• Is your business model sustainable?
• Do you think you might need to reinvent your organisation?

Social and commercial business models are colliding. Not for profits are becoming more business-like and commercial enterprise is becoming more socially conscious. But are our current business models fit for the future? Do we need to find new ways of matching funding and capital to social impact? What can we do at the enterprise level?

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