Opportunities and challenges of innovation in the development and humanitarian sector

On June 25th, 2019, The Spindle, in collaboration with the Humanity Hub, organised Future Session #5 of the year about challenges and opportunities in innovation processes. This session drew on the process and outcomes of the Humanitarian Action Challenge, a contest for tech solutions for peace, justice and humanitarian action. Challenge organisers, Thomas Baar and Mariken Gaandersen, facilitated the session.

The starting point of this Future Session were the lessons learnt from the Humanitarian Action Challenge (HAC), a contest developed under the umbrella of The Hague ImpactCity which stimulates startups and non-profits to collaborate on designing tech solutions for peace, justice and humanitarian action. The session featured interviews with two participants of the challenge and subgroup discussions with fellow innovators. Together, we zoomed in on the challenges and opportunities in innovation, with a focus on technology as well as collaborations with diverse actors (mainly NGOs, private companies and the public sector). Finally, the facilitators gave a brief overview of the Humanitarian Innovation Guide, which would be launched the day after.

The complete learnings and guide: