Meet the Humanity Hub’s new intern trio!

While we’re sad to see the Humanity Hub’s former superstars Elza, Taylor and Nabeel take off to new horizons, we’re happy to welcome the freshest crop of interns who have clocked in for the first time on March 1st. Fresh-faced, motivated and eager to learn, they are in turn an inspiration and a challenge. 

Here’s a little bit about the new trio of A-players who are ready to go way beyond simply fetching donuts and coffee (after all, in a remote work scenario they’ll have all the donuts to themselves):


My name is Catherine, born and raised in the beautiful Austrian Alps with an urge for new adventures and a passion for foreign cultures and languages ever since I can remember. Currently, I am studying the MSc International Relations & Diplomacy at Leiden University and Clingendael Institute. Prior to that, I finished my BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences which emphasized the significance of trans- and interdisciplinarity for our understanding of the grand challenges of our time. It has taught me to look beyond my own field, expertise, and comfort zone to find synergies and explore new angles. I am particularly interested in topics and projects dealing with women empowerment, youth political participation, sustainability and food security.

My broad interest and curiosity about innovation and collaboration beyond disciplines is exactly why I chose to join the Humanity Hub as a Community Development Intern. The Hub brings together an impressive range of professionals from different sectors and organizations – all of which have a similar mission to work towards a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future. My work here allows me to apply my academic knowledge and discover what researchers, entrepreneurs, consultants and so many other professionals are currently busy with. The Hub Community inspires and, in many ways, guides me towards a future career in the peace and justice ecosystem. Who knows where I’ll end up eventually but I am certain it won’t be boring.

Get in touch via community@humanityhub.net


I’m Mara, originally from Germany but forced by acute curiosity to explore and travel the world with an interim stop in the Netherlands (perhaps I’m here to stay). I’m currently busy diligently studying BSc Communication and Media with a focus on International/Global Communication and Media/Business. To me, studying communication means to study connection. When we scrutinize the ongoing fragmentation of knowledge and society, reintegrating what has become divided is of utmost importance and emphasizes the need for imaginative communicators who are vital to catalyze understanding and unity. Art, writing, debate and discussion, photography, and design are, in my mind, powerful ways to accelerate mutual recognition – fields I explore eagerly in my free time, too.

Not surprisingly, then, is that the Humanity Hub’s mission to facilitate collaboration and forge unexpected alliances is one that deeply resonates with me. For the future, my vision is to use my degree to communicate the urgency of utilizing shared knowledge and collaborative practice to support the pivotal role NGOs, non-profits, etc. hold in effectively bridging gaps. After all, being the Hub’s comms intern enables and supports me in exploring this field even further.

Feel like chatting? Drop me a line via communication@humanityhub.net


Hi there!

My name is Lotte, and I am one of the rare home-grown Dutchies on the Hub team. I do, however, have a great interest in foreign countries and cultures. I have already traveled quite a lot for the fact that I’m only 22, something I am really grateful for. I am currently writing my thesis to finish my Bachelor in International Development Studies at Wageningen University. While I am still orienting Masters and do not know what the future will hold for me, I do know that I will end up trying to do my part in creating a better world in some way.

Aiming for a better world is also what has drawn me to the Humanity Hub. During a previous internship for the Dutch branche association for development cooperation, I got to know some of the Hub’s projects and member organizations, and I instantly knew I wanted to learn more about it. Being the Programming & Events intern gives me the perfect opportunity to do so, as I now help plan and organize some very inspiring events, with a lot of our even more inspiring members!

Talk to Lotte via programming@humanityhub.net