LINKS Europe brings together young Yemenis to discuss the future of their country

On 28 and 29 May, a member of the Humanity Hub LINKS Europe hosted the first in a series of dialogue meetings with young Yemenis from the diaspora from across Europe, with a view of empowering them to articulate a future vision for their country and region. The participants hailed from different parts of Yemen and represented different views and experiences. During the two-day workshop, held at The Hague Humanity Hub City Centre, they engaged in a fruitful discussion and laid out several ideas and recommendations on various aspects related to the Yemen conflict and prospects for peace.

During the event, the participants also heard an update on the current situation around the peace process from HE Sahar Ghanem, Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Ambassador Ghanem answered questions from participants on a range of issues related to the work of the Government, and to the international response to the situation in Yemen. 

Participants noted that young Yemenis continue to be marginalised in the political process of deciding the fate of their country, despite the fact that young people make up the vast majority of its population. This situation was even worse when it came to young people living abroad, and participants felt that despite the obvious limitations, young Yemenis in the diaspora had much to contribute to the debate on the future of their country. A youth vision for the country and region should be based on a broad consultation process that emphasises inclusivity and the ability of people to express what they think without fear.

LINKS Europe also showcased its work on confidence-building measures in areas of conflict, and participants discussed how these tools could also be used in the case of Yemen, and how young people can be involved in the process. Participants also laid out their vision for the future of the country, arguing that it should be based on the rule of law, social justice, equal citizenship, sovereignty, and ending classism and division.

LINKS Europe plans to host further roundtable meetings in Europe this year, and a number of other ancillary activities.

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