Just Peace – Announcement

During ImpactFest 2021, our managing director, Jill Wilkinson, announced together with Peter Kievoet, Director Economy, Municipality of The Hague and Wim Jansen, Director International Affairs, Municipality of The Hague, the continuation of Just Peace as a year-round platform.

Following on a very successful Just Peace Month last month, we are excited to announce that Just Peace will continue as a year-round platform to showcase how The Hague is working on peace and justice.  The Just Peace platform aims to connect Hague residents with entrepreneurs and organizations working to make the world a more just and peaceful place.

About this, Jill Wilkinson said: “The stories show that there are many ways to a more peaceful and just world and we invite all parties to share, connect and collaborate on Just Peace.”

Further support from Peter Kievoet came when he said ” The Hague is also Impact City supporting investors, entrepreneurs and private sector organisations accelerating responsible business practices to help make the world more sustainable and, of course, more peaceful and just. I would like to encourage the impact ecosystem to use the Just Peace platform to share their great work with the citizens of the Hague”.

Lastly, Wim Jansen added: ” As the city of international peace and justice, we are proud to host so many different types of organisations who work on peace and justice and support them in connecting with the citizens of the Hague on the Just Peace platform”.

Just Peace is a public programming platform that is operated by the Humanity Hub in partnership with the City of The Hague.

You will be able to share your events and stories with the public on how to contribute to a more peaceful and just world.

We invite the impact ecosystem to share your events and stories. This platform will be an important hub to engage with people interested in knowing more about your work. It will showcase the many varieties of ways that different parts of The Hague’s many ecosystems – including NGOs, knowledge institutes and International Organisations and start-ups – are contributing to a more peaceful and just world.

Keep an eye out for more information!