Hackathon 2021

Every year The Hague hosts an amazing event – the Hackathon for Good.

Over 100 people joined this year’s edition to solve eight important and impactful challenges to make the world a better place. Have you ever thought about becoming a challenge owner? There will be another chance next year.    

Humanity Hub members Find Out Why co-hosted one of the challenges about DeepFakes and how to support digital literacy. Director Deborah Alle Rogers explains what they got out of being a challenge owner:  

“Find Out Why absolutely loved being challenge owners at the 4th edition of The Hackathon For Good! It gave us the chance to collaborate with talented people who believe in the rights of Open Source information. The healthy competition of the hacking was matched with inspirational creativity and a generosity of spirit amongst all who participated. We look forward to working with our teams going forward and highly encourage others to join future Hackathons For Good”.  

To understand more on the background to this issue, and understand how we can enable people to spot check content before they share it, in order to avoid spreading #fakenews, 
check out the podcast here: 

The winners of the event were New Designers, the first student-run design agency in The Hague. 

Jill Wilkinson was one of the judges:

“Seeing people work so hard on such a range of important challenges was a tremendous privilege. And it was tremendous fun”

Deborah Allen Rogers agrees:

it’s living proof that when people are aligned for good in the intensity of a 48-hour deliverable, efficiency, camaraderie, generosity and heartfelt creative collaboration drive the projects forward. As challenge owners, we at Find Out Why had so much fun from start to finish.” 

The next Hackathon, in 2022, is happening here in The Hague and India. Would you like to be a challenge owner or to take part as a programmer? Watch out here for more information.