Enterprise for Peace Scholars visit the Humanity Hub for an Inspiring Session

On 21 October, the Hague Humanity Hub welcomed Enterprise for Peace Scholars for a creative session with our members. The Scholars were in the Hague in advance of the 22-25 October One Young World Summit 2019 in London, which connects around 2000 young leaders from 196 countries to discuss and develop initiatives addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. With this creative session, we managed to connect the Scholars’ unique perspectives with our members’ innovative projects.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Orange Corners organised a pre-Summit programme in the Hague for a group of these bright change-makers from Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and the Middle East. With focuses on the themes of entrepreneurship, leadership, and youth employment, the Humanity Hub was a logical component to this programme and an opportunity for mutual learning on both sides.

Several of our community members used the opportunity to connect and brainstorm with the Scholars. Member organisations HiiL, Mercy Corps, Elva, UN OCHA, and Youth Peace Initiative presented their current challenges and engaged in brainstorming discussions to seek out new approaches and find missing links. Lively discussions yielded results for both sides – while the organisations improved on their approaches, the Scholars acquired insights to increase their impact in their home countries.

We wish them a good and productive time at the One Young World Summit 2019! The Humanity Hub is always open to supporting the young generations in changing the world for the better.