Cordial, Enthusiastic & Helpful: Have You Met the Humanity Hub’s New Community Hosts?

By Sarah Bumberger

The Hague Humanity Hub welcomes two new Community Hosts to our Hub team to help us support our unique community. You can meet Tess and Ryan at the Hub’s reception on Mondays and Thursdays.

But why did the two of them join us? And what exactly is a community host? Keep reading and you’ll find out! 

Let’s start with looking at the role of our Community Hosts: Our hosts are not only the point of contact for our Hub members and guests to promote their well-being. Rather, our most recent team additions guide our members through our facilities and ensure that all our events run smoothly. In other words, the two help strengthen our Hub community – ensuring that we can continue working together for a more peaceful and just world. 

But who are our new community hosts? Let’s go & meet them!

I’m Ryan and I recently joined the Hub as a Community Host. Originally from the United States, I moved to The Hague six years ago to pursue a degree in International Studies at Leiden University. After graduating, I moved straight to a Master of Public Administration and started working at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, where for over two years I managed and coordinated cooperative projects between the two countries. Having chosen to move to and start my career in The Hague, the values of peace and justice are at the core of both my personal and professional life. I’m particularly interested in the development of civil society and transparent governance in Ukraine, to which I’ve devoted much of my academic and professional career thus far. I decided to join The Hague Humanity Hub as a Community Host to help expand my horizons and to meet professionals from all walks of life and backgrounds. Moreover, I’m here to help forward the mission of the Hub of making the world more peaceful and just. You can find me working at the Hub every Thursday.  

My name is Terezia and I’m very happy that I can volunteer at the Hub as a new Community Host. I’m from Slovakia but I’ve got a Hungarian background. I moved to the Netherlands and started my studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 2020. I study European Studies which is a multidisciplinary program. I have therefore chosen public specialisation because I want to understand and learn more about the function of the EU and its institutions. Currently, I’m in my final year working on my thesis. I’m excited to be part of the Hub because it offers so many opportunities related to peace & justice which very much resonate with me. So far it has been a great time and I hope that my help could contribute to this wonderful environment in a beneficial way. Apart from the professional perspective, I am also curious to meet new people, engage in various events or projects, and listen to inspirational stories. So, if you’re interested in Central European culture, literature and politics feel free to contact me – I’m here every Monday. 

Therefore, if you need anything, come by and ask our Community Hosts your questions or send an e-mail to