Chair of the Supervisory Board

The Hague Humanity Hub is looking for a new Chair of the Supervisory Board.   

About the supervisory board

The supervisory board of The Hague Humanity Hub monitors the board (director) of the foundation and assists it with advice and assistance in realising the foundation’s objectives.

More specifically, the supervisory board has the following main tasks:

• Ensuring the proper functioning of the management and performing the employer role (appointment, assessment and dismissal of the management);

• ensuring the proper functioning of internal supervision;

• advising the management board;

• supervising the policy pursued by the executive board and the general course of events within the foundation; approving the executive board’s proposed policy and strategic decisions

• supervising the way in which the consultation with stakeholders is shaped.

The board is composed of five members and meets four times a year, plus one or two thematic meetings. There are two committees: remuneration and audit. Given the international composition of the supervisory board, the working language is English. The members of the supervisory board receive a modest meeting remuneration and travel expense allowance.

About the Profile

• Strong affinity with international peace and justice, the mission of the Humanity Hub and the city of The Hague;

• natural authority;

• insight into and overview of the tasks and function of the supervisory board and the board of directors and the interaction that should take place between these two bodies of the foundation;

• personality and background to facilitate well-thought-out decision-making;

able to provide excellent external representation of the Humanity Hub, e.g. with key stakeholders and/or funders;

• fluent in Dutch and English;

• technical chairperson qualities to conduct meetings effectively and efficiently;

• good fit with the managing director;

good understanding of the activities of the Humanity Hub in (local) political and social context;

• innovative/disruptive mindset, able to see opportunities for new developments and the possibilities for applying innovation;

• able to engage in networks relevant to the organisation and maintains relevant contacts while retaining independence as a supervisory board member;

• familiar with network organisations and fundraising;

• has no personal or business interest in any of the organisations purchasing or providing services to the Hub

Qualities and competences

  • Knows how to maintain a balance between involvement and administrative distance;
  • quickly acquires overview and insight;
  • political sensitivity;
  • decisive;
  • proactive attitude and behaviour;
  • cooperates in a team;
  • critical self-reflection;
  • communicative skills;
  • independent and honest.