Co-Founder CTO or Tech Partner

We are not searching for an employee but someone with vision and drive to become our co-founder or partner in the next steps of our ambitious business plan to help and equip people of marginalized populations with the knowledge and skills required to reduce poverty and drive sustainable development, by striving to build their human capital so they can compete for jobs in an increasingly globalized world.

We designed for this purpose a Solar-Powered, Communications and IoT Hub, Kumba. For Kumbaya it’s a critical time as the company transitions from research and development to offering products to the marketplace, we have built the groundwork in technology, marketing and field testing what has led to a new phase reorganizing the company’s structure incl team to a level up.

Our “Kumba” solar powers Light, phones and small USB devices. Connect the Unconnected, it allows WIFI calling and has WIFI hotspot for 5 devices build in, terrestrial TV and Radio built in, delivers the needed basic educational content to gain needed knowledge. And it collects data weather, climate, humidity etc.

The company has a network of subcontractors and consultants for building all the elements of the Kumba. Besides the need for relevant content development and building our data analytics team, it is Kumbaya’s aim building a strong network of partners in the markets it serves through the Telcom and satellite operators. Ultimate we will grow by adding grassroot local sales reps and ultimate people on the marketing sales (engineering) and customer service (Every happy user turns into an advocate to Improve our Customer Retention). 

Why the need to find the ultimate righthand partner (CTO) is simple, first of all our founder (an impatient optimist dedicated to the belief that all lives have equal value) is not an engineer, his strength is enabling to consider new ways of approaching old problems that meet real-world goals and are based on accurate, unbiased data.

He/She has a extensive experience In HW/SW and application development, Our product is designed around a Linux Operating System, our applications is wide range of portable health and networked devices, our software is designed based on a intuitive user interface to ensure that low literate or illiterate users have a easy way navigating.

Our technology doesn’t stop where we are today but is just starting for example Whereas we see with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, creating Award token systems and a unique blockchain Persona ID, Birth and death Certification and help the unbanked with banking. Other examples by allowing a transparent ledger, Blockchain prevents falsified land deeds from stealing the land of small farmers. With no need for a physical building, Blockchain can save foreign aid money; through the data provided, Blockchain can optimize a developing economy. Cryptocurrency provides a small, but significant, step in helping impoverished people begin their own businesses.

Interested in this position?

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If this position is not exactly what you had in mind, perhaps you have a friend, family member or business associate who would be a perfect fit. If so, let us know, or send them this link. Thanks!