Humans of the Hub: Tim Kreuk

Welcome to this week’s Humans of the Hub post! This weeks’ innovator is Tim Kreuk.

Tim is the Head of the HALO Trust’s European Office, he joined the HALO Trust in 2017 and the organisation joined the Humanity Hub last August.

Tim’s background is originally in the military as an engineer officer, where he was deployed to conflicts such as Iraq and Chad, before then moving to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, he realised he’d prefer to work in an area that had more impact on those whom he wanted to help, thus he moved to the HALO Trust two years ago.

“Due to my past military experience I was already familiar with conflict zones and land mines, and as I wanted to have more of an impact on those currently caught up in conflict zones and help them directly, moving to HALO Trust was definitely the right move for me”

HALO Trust is a humanitarian mine clearance organisation who work in current and post-conflict areas, removing land mines to decrease the risk to local communities and allow them to safely rebuild their lives.

Tim has been at the frontline of HALO Trust operations, and has worked in Zimbabwe with women from the local community to painstakingly scour the land for potential landmines.

“Working in Zimbabwe was tough, the heat and the weight of the gear you have to wear whilst monitoring the ground made the work incredibly hard. What was so impressive was the local women, many of which are single mothers, who worked alongside me in the field. They were so powerful and positive, often encouraging me to keep going and smiling. It was really impressive.”

Since joining the Humanity Hub, Tim has fully immersed himself in our community.

“Conversations in The Humanity Hub focus on the beneficiaries of an organisation rather than its revenue. It’s really refreshing. We already explored possible cooperation in our humanitarian work with Hub members Space4Good and ZOA.”

If you want to find out more about the amazing work that the HALO Trust do, check out their website!