Humans of the Hub: Loes Glas-Weijers

Welcome to this week’s Humans of the Hub post! This weeks’ innovator is Loes Glas-Weijers! Loes offers her expertise on smarter project management as an independent professional. Through her consultancy, Loes On Fire, Loes runs workshops as a scrummaster with a particular focus for those working in peace, justice and humanitarian action.

Loes spent the majority of her early career working at the Municipality of The Hague, where she managed events, but also worked with young people, helping them to progress their future careers.

“The young people I worked with were really driven and energetic, following the birth of my daughter I realised I wanted that same drive, and I wasn’t getting it in my current job.”

“I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew what I was currently doing was not for me, so I quit. For me though quitting wasn’t ‘brave’, it was my only viable option; it just seemed to me that I had nothing to lose, so why not try something new?”

Loes undertook a course on what makes you tick? and realised that the drive and energy she experienced whilst undertaking a course to become a scrummaster in 2014 was something she loved to do. Inspired to work in a job and a field that she gave her job satisfaction, Loes began her own independent consultancy, ‘Loes On Fire’ in 2018.

When asked what her biggest accomplishment was, Loes replied:

“Being a scrummaster! Actually doing it, and doing it the way I want to do it.”

Interested in finding out more about scrum? Join our Masterclass with Loes on May 24!

To find out more about Loes On Fire, make sure to visit Loes’ website and LinkedIn page.