*Volunteer Positions – Two available


-Able to scan funding opportunities
-Able to meet funding targets
-Able to create campaigns and manage them
-Able to make friends easily
-Able to give quick feedback to team and partners
-Can meet tight deadlines
-Can maintain all funding portfolios : gifts, small, medium & big donors
-Works with minimal supervision

Your Work

-You  will be required  to work on a year to five year fundraising plans executed by the communications team with backing from the strategic team overseeing what you do.

-You will work on events, projects and programs that have tight budgets and have a short to long-term execution demands.

– You will have input in the production of a lot of materials, campaigns and fiscal/accountability reports.

-You will work with top tier executives and  stakeholders  who are pressed for time and need quick results and solutions to challenges, plus demand  to know how their funds have been used.

-Your work will  be tedious, yet rich and rewarding with the network and good you will be part of over time.


-Knowledge in fundraising and grant management.

-Able to train and improve your team.

-A degree that touches on fundraising and money management is essential.

-A keen eye for funding opportunities.

-A great love for philanthropy, humanity, good for all, integrity and a dedication to your work.

If interested please send your CV, cover letter and portfolio of what you have managed to info@thehaguepeace.org

See the The Hague Peace Projects’ website for further information and insight into their work