Knowledge Sharing Session: Using design and creativity to reach across boundaries

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague, Netherlands

An exclusive knowledge sharing session for Hague Humanity Hub members on using art and design to make access to justice come alive Join Kanan Dhru (Founder, Lawtoons), and Jules Rochielle (Creative Director, NuLawLab, North Eastern University) for a discussion around using innovative creative techniques in advocacy, with a special focus on access to justice Lawtoons […]

Yoga at The Hub: led by Sonia Muresan

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague, Netherlands

Join Sonia Muresan and other members of The Hague Humanity Hub for a yoga session each Monday! Sonia is a qualified instructor, and will take the group through various Vinyasa flow and breathing exercises, before rounding off with some mediation. After the session, attendees will be invited to unwind with some herbal tea.Please remember to […]

ISS Humanitarian Governance Seminar: Political and Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar

In this Humanitarian Governance hybrid seminar, Dr Gerard McCarthy presents his book examining how ideals and practices of non-state welfare can sustain democratic resistance and undermine social reform. This panel discussion marks the publication of Gerard McCarthy’s Outsourcing the Polity: Non-State Welfare, Inequality and Resistance in Myanmar.  Informed by research during Myanmar's decade of partial civilian rule […]

Member Onboarding Session

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague, Netherlands

Every month, the Hub Team hosts a member onboarding session to welcome new members and facilitate a soft landing within the community. New members will learn more about what The Hub does, what the Hub Team looks like, how we can support them in their outreach and visibility, and all the meeting services we have to offer. […]

LeidenAsiaCentre: Seeking Western Men: Email-Order Brides Under China’s Global Rise

On 25 May 2023, the LeidenAsiaCentre has invited Monica Liu, author of the book Seeking Western Men: Email-Order Brides under China’s Global Rise, published by Stanford University Press to give a lecture. This lecture will take place in The Hague Humanity Hub from 16:00 – 18:00, followed by a reception. The talk will summarise the research Monica […]