Innovating Justice Challenge 2019

Citizens need solutions to their pressing justice problems. A justice innovation is:

  • Helping people prevent or resolve a pressing justice need
  • Helping people resolve problems in their daily lives
  • Helping improve the effectiveness of justice systems
  • Has the ability to help millions of people

If you have a project that fits the above, you are a justice innovator, otherwise called a justice entrepreneur. And, this means we are able to help you. 

The HiiL Justice Accelerator focuses on finding and supporting the best justice innovators who provide solutions to legal injustices. The Challenge is HiiL’s way to evaluate which innovations can make the most of its seed funding and acceleration support. 

This year we can fund justice innovations from Africa. Innovations from other regions are welcome to apply, but be aware that we may not be able to support you as extensively — if at all. Still, we very much want to hear about your innovation, so do complete the application form!

Your innovation should be focused on preventing or resolving pressing justice needs and should include some legal element (whether the formal or informal legal systems in the community).