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THE HAGUE INNOVATOR CHALLENGE 2021 The Hague is the city for entrepreneurs who want to build a better world. As ImpactCity, The Hague offers a wide range of opportunities and services to entrepreneurs and other impact makers with innovative…

The main insights of the Humanitarian Action Challenge

In the course of last year, the Hague Humanity Hub, together with ImpactCity and HumanityX (Centre for Innovation, Leiden University), launched yet another ambitious program to harness The Hague’s unique impact ecosystem for the greater good.

Innovating Justice Challenge 2019

Citizens need solutions to their pressing justice problems. A justice innovation is: Helping people prevent or resolve a pressing justice needHelping people resolve problems in their daily livesHelping improve the effectiveness of justice…

Tykn will be pitching for a $1,000,000 prize at the Chivas Venture Awards 2019

The first $1,000,000 of the Chivas Venture fund is in your hands. Your votes decide who gets the biggest share.Make sure to head to the Chivas Venture Awards website and check out this years nominees Hub Member Tykn have made it to the…

Humanitarian Action Challenge

The Hague Humanity Hub, in cooperation with ImpactCity and HumanityX (Centre for Innovation, Leiden University), challenged the general public to take part in the Humanitarian Action Challenge. The Challenge aimed to stimulate cooperation between business (including start-ups) and NGOs in order to develop innovative technological solutions for peace, justice and humanitarian action.