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The Hague Community Meet-up on Climate, Peace and Justice

27 May @ 15:00 17:00

We are inviting you to join The Hague Community on Climate, Peace and Justice: a community of professionals who want to achieve more together. If that applies to you, we hope you’ll attend the first community meet-up on May 27th.

About this event:

The Hague is known as the international city of peace and justice. Thousands of professionals in the city dedicate their careers to a more peaceful and just world. Climate change is strongly tied to both peace and justice, for instance through the relation of climate change with drivers of conflict, the global efforts for climate justice, and the need for a just transition towards achieving net zero emissions. The Hague’s international recognition and visibility in this area is growing. Notably, The Hague has taken significant steps in this direction with its Climate Agreement, by actively engaging various stakeholders including the international community in shaping its implementation. 

This Meet-up will explore linkages between climate, peace and justice and identify key areas in which we can strengthen our collective efforts. Our goal is to build an active professional network at the intersection of climate, peace and justice in The Hague and foster collaboration towards shared objectives.    

The first meetup aims to provide an open and collaborative environment for discussing ideas, sharing experiences, and generating solutions on “Increasing collective impact related to Climate, Peace and Justice”.  

Using Open Space methodology, we will identify short- and longer-term actions for impact and establish how the community will work going forward. We will demonstrate the potential of this community and we will leave energized and excited, with a sense of ownership.  

Who is this meet-up for: 

Professionals whose work is related to climate and/or peace and/or justice who are serious about achieving more impact and willing to share and collaborate with others. Please feel free to invite others who might be interested in joining the community.

About the organisers

This initiative is a collaboration between The Hague Humanity Hub, International Alert, Mercy Corps, The Hague Roundtable on Climate, Peace and Security, Oxfam Novib and the City of The Hague as part of the The Hague Climate Agreement. Our initiative seeks to establish a vibrant community of professionals in The Hague who are dedicated to addressing issues at the intersection of climate, peace and justice and we welcome new members.

We look forward to discovering what we can do together.  

NB: if you are interested in this event, please email programming@humanityhub.net.

The Hague Humanity Hub

The Hague Humanity Hub

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