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Solvoz: Free webinar on becoming a registered supplier on Solvoz

17 May @ 09:00 10:00

Are you a company, supplier, or manufacturer interested in serving NGOs, health agencies, or other impact organisations in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)?

Then you might be interested to read on about Solvoz’s new dedicated supplier features AND attend this webinar; to create a public company profile on Solvoz and showcase your range of goods and services you can offer. Registering with Solvoz often serves as the first stepping stone for companies aspiring to collaborate with the humanitarian sector and gain crucial access to aid, health and other organisations operating in LMICs.

Solvoz’s platform not only allows you to showcase your goods and services whilst utilising their streamlined, transparent bidding process, but they also provide you with the unique opportunity to broaden your market reach within a sector that can offer distinct benefits to your company’s image. Solvoz offers an e-procurement platform (SaaS) with an integrated open-access knowledge base that supports a wide range of organisations working in LMICs. A fundamental part of their approach is connecting organisations in their sector to appropriate suppliers – like yours – to ensure that they receive the right products and services to advance their individual humanitarian missions. By becoming a Solvoz supplier, you can play a crucial role in shaping a more equitable and efficient global marketplace. One in which the quality, suitability, and sustainability of products are paramount and transcend previous limitations tied to a supplier’s size or location. Attend their webinar to learn more, ask questions and start your journey on Solvoz!