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Predicting Conflict: The Water, Peace & Security Partnership Early Warning Tool

19 May, 2021 @ 9:00 am 9:45 am

The average level of peacefulness deteriorated for the ninth time in twelve years. The nature of conflict is transforming across the world. Yet the information space is changing so quickly that it threatens to leave many early warning/early action (EWEA) efforts behind. Availability of big data, including easy access to what people say and do online, combined with advanced computational capacity, opens a potential for the EWEA community to use the momentum and advance their field further. We believe that an important step in achieving this goal is exchanging the lessons and latest efforts transparently between actors and regions. With this goal, we are facilitating this workshop as an open space for this exchange to happen. Join us!


The overall objective is to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange on best practices in EWEA. The event will bring together at the international level (for the first time) national and international actors working on early warning/early action to share lessons learned on effective models, practices, and methods to influence decision making and enable conflict prevention on the ground. It will also help to establish networks and create opportunities for capacity building with data visualization tools. Substantively, the conference will shed the light on advanced techniques with the greatest potential to revolutionize the field.


This conference will create an online space across different time zones and gather voices around the world to discuss the latest developments in EWEA. It will offer hands-on experience in working with advanced data-driven methodologies and improve capacity to implement data-driven action for preventive, early action for peace and security of key civil society organizations, multilateral organizations, and governments. More specifically, the event will provide a combination of expert panel discussionsworkshopsonline pitches, and one-on-one conversations with data scientists to help you discover “the art of possible of data science“.

Participation at the workshop is free of charge.