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Parallel roundtables by the Peace & Justice ecosystem

2 February, 2021 @ 4:00 pm 6:00 pm

More information about the roundtables: https://www.humanityhub.net/peacejusticereception2021/#c


⚖️🕊️ Thousands of individuals and organizations are working towards a more peaceful and just world in The Hague. Our mission is to strengthen that diverse ecosystem by facilitating connections and knowledge exchange among them.

 Roundtable hosts will facilitate a discussion and curate a space for knowledge exchange around the latest innovations in the fields of peace & justice. Here are some of the themes:Parallel roundtables hosted by multiple organizations from The Hague ecosystem:

First round – 16:00-16:50

  • 1. Data Protection and Privacy in the Humanitarian sector (Relief applications)
  • 2. Ecological Threat Register – Measuring ecological threats, providing projections to 2050, and collaborative approaches to face these (Institute for Economics and Peace)
  • 3. How to thrive and lead in an uncertain future: based on work in the field of agile and adaptive leadership (Impact Basis)
  • 4. Intersecting Global Health Security Risks and the Governance Gap: Implications for Peace and Justice (Praxis Labs)
  • 5. How can novel satellite technologies, geographic information systems and artificial intelligence be used to detect crimes, prevent conflict and monitor peace-building initiatives? (Space4Good)
  • 6. How to reach rural communities through new virtual means (Sawa World)
  • 7. What does success look like for purpose driven organisations? (The Alternatives Factory)
  • 8. How to listen to and involve youth in conflict affected settings in shaping their shared future? (Youth Peace Initiative)
  • 9. Social Norms and Accountability in Local Governance (Hague Academy for Local Governance & Fletcher School)

Second round – 17:00-17:50

  • 10. Artificial Intelligence and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Where to start with AI adoption? (AI LAB one)
  • 11. Access to Justice in The Hague (HiiL)
  • 12. Misinformation, reputation & trust online (Find out Why)
  • 13. The ‘Just City’ – Mapping just and unjust practices in our urban environment – pre- and post-COVID-19 – and identify ways of addressing them (European Urban Knowledge Network & The Hague Academy for Local Governance)
  • 14. Environmental crimes, barriers to more effective action and examples of progress and best practice (Environmental Investigation Agency)
  • 15. Capitalizing on youth resilience and translating their energy into political change to disrupt the Status-Quo (UN Youth Impact)
  • 16. Geographic analysis information between humanitarian, peace-building and development contexts and how to do more with a little to benefit different types of situations (MapAction)
  • 17. Conflict Analysis and Humanitarian Action: Enabling evidence-based decision-making on NGO Safety and Access (INSO)