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Imagining solidarity in international and regional law

28 October, 2021 @ 9:30 am 29 October, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

The Asser Institute will host a conference on the theme of ‘Imagining solidarity in international and regional law’ from 28 – 29 October 2021.

The programme for this event is out now. Register here.


Solidarity is a core normative ideal underpinning both the development of modern international law as well as the European project. Solidarity has been perceived as the guiding principle in altering the outdated structure of international relations from an order promoting self-interest of States to one that pursues community interests and attempts to find solutions to problems that affect all humankind.

In the context of public international law, solidarity has been used as a legal principle in terms of international peace and security. In the European Union (EU) context, it has been invoked primarily during the eurozone and refugee crises. In the African Union (AU), solidarity has been part of the principles since the creation of the Organisation for African Unity in 1963.

Solidarity also emerged as an objective in the Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS). More recently, solidarity has been invoked as a core principle during international discussions around the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. This exemplifies the diversity of ways in which the principle of solidarity has been utilised as a core value in shaping international and regional legal regimes. 

The conference will include papers detailing the multiplicity of ways the principle of solidarity can be used both in international and regional law. These contributions revolve around how solidarity can/should be deployed to achieve a variety of aims, including in relation to the environment, human rights, development, peace and security, migration, and other fields, in a variety of contexts across the globe, whether regional integration projects (EU, AU, and others) or as part of public international law.


Over two days, this conference will feature international and renowned academics and legal scholars from a multiplicity of research fields. The keynote speakers are Prof. E. Sharpston (former Advocate General of the CJEU) and Prof. D. Tladi (Professor of International Law, University of Pretoria), and will include panels on:

  • The principle of solidarity in international and regional law: A general overview
  • Solidarity: The view from the Global South
  • Solidarity in EU migration and asylum law
  • Solidarity in EU law: Case-studies
  • Solidarity in international law: Case-studies

Read the full programme.