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Global Risk Advice: Crisis Management Training for HR and Family Liaisons

9 October, 2023 @ 09:00 17:00

Global Risk Advice will be hosting a crisis management training for HR and family liaisons. Find out more about the training below:

If one of your staff members is involved in a critical incident overseas, you will initiate a crisis management team. As an HR officer, you have a specific role in this team. It directly affects staff wellbeing, after all. But an incident also affects the family of the person affected. Including the family in your approach can be vital in resolving a crisis. How do you include families in your approach at an early stage? How can you gain their trust and what support can you offer a family? How do you prepare them for media attention? What practical issues can you prepare in case a crisis occurs?


The course is purposely designed for HR staff as part of the Crisis Management team, as well as selected (volunteer) members of staff responsible for supporting the relatives of colleagues involved in a crisis.


1 day


The training consists of strategic and practical parts. Participants will be introduced to the overall crisis management structure and setup, and learn how robust family support can help achieve the strategic objectives of the Crisis Management team. You will learn this through theory and practice throughout the day.


  • Knowledge of crisis management fundamentals and the position of HR
  • Understanding family support as a part of the crisis structure, mandate and ways of working
  • Knowing the profile of a family support officer
  • Being able to prepare and design protocols for family support
  • Understanding the needs of the home front
  • Being able to develop a Q&A on this subject
  • Practicing and experiencing several types of conversations during a crisis incident (i.e. bearing of bad news, conflict handling)
  • Feedback to CMT (handover)