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Deadly voyages: Migrant journey across the globe

12 May, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 6:00 pm

New publication edited by Veronica Fynn Bruey and Steven Bender exploring the burdens and impact of perilous migration.

During this Development Research Seminar, Veronica Fynn Bruey will launch her new book. The contributions consider which laws, policies, practices and venues might establish empathy and protection for migrants.

Dr Veronica Fynn BrueyBiographyVeronica Fynn Bruey is the Director of Flowers School of Global Health Science and a research affiliate with the University of London’s Refugee Law Initiative.
This interdisciplinary volume envisions and calls for a transformation in migration policy, motivated by the common goal of drastically reducing the peril migrants face when compelled to make their treacherous journeys. 

Inform, educate, persuade, and facilitate newer or less-heard perspectives on migration

All contributors to this volume agree on the inadequacy of current approaches and the dire need for change in global migration law and policy. Therefore, the book seeks to inform, educate, persuade, and facilitate newer or less-heard perspectives, toward wider participation and influence within the forced migration policy debate. 

Guided by the famous advice of Karl Marx that the point should be changing the world rather than merely analyzing or interpreting it, the contributors suggest practical measures to fix the current gap in responses to migrant peril, along with strategies for diagnosing, countering, and promoting human dignity and social justice, with the aim of preventing future deaths and injuries in migrant journeys across the globe.