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Communication Coffee P2P: Shifting Perspectives – a Masterclass in storytelling for development

11 May, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 4:30 pm

Stories have the potential to be extremely effective. They have the power to alter how we perceive our surroundings, interact with one another, and persuade us. The viewer is able to shift perspectives and challenge their own way of thinking by identifying with the characters. Because of this ability to empathize with story characters, story is one of the most powerful ways to change belief and behavior. When it comes to changing people’s minds about contentious political or social issues, stories have been shown to be the most effective.This session will explore how you can tell better stories to reach your audience and shift them through emotion.

The Media Development Collective is devoted to the transformative power of stories. We recognize (digital) media’s potential as a new frontier for knowledge transfer and attitude shaping. We believe in the power of collectives; “people working together to effect change.” The Media Development Collective is a new, collaborative consultancy and training organization focused on the media, civil society, and for-good sectors. We have years of hands-on experience in the media and international development sectors, and we have worked in over 30 countries around the world. We provide media training, coaching, and assistance with the implementation of media campaigns and programs. Professionals and subject matter experts in our network, as well as those who have taken part in our organizational trainings and collaborative programs, are part of our “collective.” We work in the traditional media development space as well as the media for development space. We foster good journalism and assist those who fill journalism’s gaps in contexts where it is restricted. We create interactive trainings and work with partners to build behavior change campaigns. Our “media for” approach aims to mobilize civil society by training them in strategic communications – which help amplify their messages by using the right message, in the right channel, at the right time.

Session Leads

Janet H. Anderson works a journalist and podcaster on a wide range of human rights issues. She also trains NGOs and campaigners in engagement and persuasive storytelling for impact. For the past 5 years Janet has lead innovative Social Change Campaigning courses globally. Trained by the BBC, she has worked for a wide range of media development NGOs, broadcasters and content producers across Europe and Africa. 

Brandon Oelofse is the founder of Media Development Collective, a training, and consultancy company focused on strategic communications for the civil society sector. He’s an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker and his work has been represented at numerous festivals, including the Cannes festival and the Oscar. With MDC he has been leading training on engagement from civil society to provide an alternative, counter-narrative communication training which particular emphasis on digital (de)radicalization, Islamic and far-right extremism in the Middle East and Eastern and Central Europe. 

If you’d like to participate, please email programming@humanityhub.net.

Note: This event is for Hub members only.