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P2P Facilitation: Crocodile River & Challenges in Facilitation

7 December, 2021 @ 10:00 11:30

This session will be hosted by Hans van den Berg from The Young Diplomat. This session will be about Crocodile River, a provocative thought experiment, and also gives you the opportunity to share your challenges regarding facilitation with other experts in the field!

Crocodile River

Crocodile river is a provocative thought experiment. In this case, put in the perspective of international negotiation. Both the story and the exercise will bring to light differences in culture, norms, values, and how to deal with certain situations. Crocodile river highlights how, in negotiations, we cannot separate people from the problem (as suggested in getting to yes). You will be challenged in your negotiations skills while at the same time gaining new insights, both in relation to cultural sensitivity as well as resolving conflict situations.

In this Facilitation P2P, we will discuss the story and the reasoning for our own behaviour and help to understand the behaviour of others. By the end of this session, you will have gained insights into cultural differences, negotiations skills, and how to approach difficult situations where red lines seem impossible to overcome.

Please drop a line to programming@humanityhub.net if you want to join! 
Note: This event is for Hub members only.